Do you hear what I hear?

Microphones, Sound Board, Mic Belts and a used MacBook!

Appeal for Support

Any actor or singer can tell you, having their work heard clearly throughout the theater is exciting, and makes it all worth while.

Mics are expensive. They are delicate. Sound Boards need to coordinate 30 mics and sound effects. They need to sync up to a computer. They require software. The computer can ONLY be used by the sound designer and board operator.

Justice Theater has a jumble of mics, an antiquated sound board, and no dedicated MacBook computer. We rely on the kindness of other theaters to borrow and rent equipment, and also resort to very expensive short term rentals from area tech companies.

OUR HOPE… is to purchase our own set of microphones, mic belts, an amazing sound board, and a very basic used MacBook computer (Have a used MacBook lying around? Donate it to JTP!)

OUR GOAL is to raise a minimum of $5,000 for this. Our HOPE is to raise $10,000 and get equipment that will last many years and include 30 mics, 30 belt packs, a sound board with that many channels, and a dedicated computer.

WHO NEEDS IT? THE KIDS DO! Summer camp is so exciting, but each year we cobble together microphones that sometimes work with our antiquated sound board, and… sometimes don’t!

WHO ELSE NEEDS IT? Every actor on the stage that wants to be heard.

The Justice Theater Project spends our funding on PEOPLE. It’s not an easy ask to say we need technical support, but it’s time to purchase professional equipment of our own to showcase for YOU the audience our best work.

We appreciate any and all donations. Every penny is used to pay PEOPLE, underwrite SUMMER CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS, pay for PROFESSIONAL RIGHTS TO SHOWS, buy updated EQUIPMENT, and to support LOCAL BUSINESSES for our printing, and other show needs.

DONATE TODAY to help us provide the best experience for you, the summer campers, and the actors.