February 8-24, 2019. Main Stage Production. MEN ON BOATS by Jaclyn Backhaus. Directed by Jules Odendahl-James.

Based on the book THE EXPLORATION OF THE COLORADO RIVER AND ITS CANYONS by John Wesley Powell. A brave cast of gender explorers portrays Powell, a stately one-armed army major, and his 9 man 1869 expedition as it wends its way in four boats through perilous waters to create the first official map of the region. The humor and pathos of the play emerge in the portrayal of cis-gender white male bluster and bravado by artists who do not identify as such and who illuminate and undercut clichés of the archetypal hero and adventurer.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We had a wonderful turnout of very talented people and we wish we could have cast everyone. Here is the cast list for The Justice Theater Project's producing of MEN ON BOATS:"

Meet the CAST!

Faye Goodwin -- Powell
Mara Thomas -- Dunn
Tori Grace Nichols-- Sumner
Jessica Flemming -- Old Shady
Marleigh Purgar – Bradley/(Sophie James, understudy)

Johanna Burwell -- OG Howland/Tsauwiat
Ariel Smith-- Seneca/The Bishop
Sarah Koop -- Goodman/Mr. Asa
Candace Hescock -- Hall
Page Purgar -- Hawkins