SOLD: These items have been sold and will be picked up September 11th. If for some reason this does not occur, email us to be on the wait list.

The Justice Theater Project purchased masks and costumes for our 2017 summer productions of "The Lion King, Jr.".  We then embellished, added, created, and had fun adding to this package.

We paid $1,500 and we are selling the entire package for that same amount.  Our summer staff put in over 100 hours of work repairing and embellishing existing items, and added many hundreds of dollars to our original investment with leaves, bones, and even more head pieces for the characters. See the photos below for the entire package.

The package has some fragile elements, the items were "well loved" by the students, and therefor even with our investment of time and additional items, we would simply like to make back our original investment so that another production can have fun with these fabulous items.

FOR SALE. This is not a rental.  The Buyer must buy the entire package, bring a truck, and manpower to load the items. All items are "As Is". The elephant needs additional work to shore it up, but is still a fabulous item. Many of the papermache masks are becoming fragile and will need additional work.

If you have purchased the rights for the show, we can also give you 50 used scripts with the package.

We are located in Raleigh, NC off of Glenwood Avenue near the Angus Barn and the Entrance to Umstead Park.

Email us at    

Our puppeteer and costumer can meet you at our location and explain the entire package to you. You are welcomed to take a look at the package before you purchase it. We do think it will sell quickly, and we can not hold the package. The first group to bring a check for the package will then own it.

Lion King Jr package includes, but is not limited to:

Masks for: Rafiki, Mufasa, Scar,  Simba, Nala, Mother Lionesses, (1), Lionesses (5), Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Shenzi, Banzie, Ed, Hyena Ensemble (4), Zebra costumes, Antelope, Impala (3 headpieces), Gazelle cut outs, bird headpieces, Headpiece bird, Elephant that fits 2 tall campers inside, Giraffes (2), Cheetah skit and neckpiece, Leopard neckpice and skirt, Wildebeest cut out faces (12), Buzzard cape with feathers, Grassland Chants ensemble, Stars that light up, The Sun that can rise and fall for you at the opening (7ft diameter paper enforced with aluminum, accordion folds to the floor)Hakuna Matata ensemble, bones for skull rock, styrophome large leaves,  and MUCH MORE