June 8, 2019 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.


The Justice Theater Project will hold auditions for the following shows:


By Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee


by Lauren Gunderson

and the REGIONAL PREMIERE of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning show:


By Lynn Nottage  

Saturday, June 8 from 10am - 4pm.  Umstead Park UCC, 8208 Brownleigh Drive, Raleigh 27617.



ENTER THROUGH ARCHITECTS SIDE OF THE BUILDING.  We'll put signs up for you outside the building.

Please prepare one contemporary monologue that is less than 2 minutes.   Groups of 5 will be scheduled every 20  minutes.

We will start with your monologue and then give you scripts to work on outside the room with a scene partner.

Please allow 90 minutes past your original arrival time for additional readings.





By Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

September 13-23, 2019  Umstead Park United Church of Christ, Raleigh

"The man who has everything figured out is probably a fool.”

In a sleepy Bible Belt town a teacher is arrested for defying state law by teaching Darwin's Theory to his class. Matthew Harrison Brady, a Presidential contender, joins the prosecution against “Evil-ution,” prompting the Baltimore Herald to hire renowned attorney Henry Drummond for the defense. Based on the infamous Scopes “Monkey” Trial, an epic Clash of the Titans ensues in the true Trial of the Century.

INHERIT THE WIND Character Descriptions

Bertram Cates -  A science teacher and the defendant in the trial. A soft-spoken and humble man, Cates has been arrested for teaching his students the theory of evolution from a biology textbook.

Matthew Harrison Brady - A national political figure and a three-time loser in presidential campaigns who arrives in Hillsboro to lead the prosecution in Cates’s trial. A Christian fundamentalist and Nebraska native, Brady defends the Bible as literal truth.

Henry Drummond -  A famous lawyer from Chicago whom the Baltimore Herald sends to defend Cates. Drummond, a believer in human progress, argues for freedom of thought.

E. K. Hornbeck -  A cynical, wisecracking journalist and critic for the Baltimore Herald.

Rev. Jeremiah Brown -  The figure of religious authority in Hillsboro. Reverend Brown preaches a creed based on the fear of God and the punishment of sinners.

Rachel Brown -  The daughter of Reverend Brown. Rachel is close friend of Cates, and their relationship has a romantic element. Rachel fears her father’s disapproval.

The Judge -  The judge presiding over Cates’s trial. The judge conducts the trial impartially, although his personal views about the Bible’s legitimacy are in line with those of the rest of the townspeople..

Meeker - The bailiff at the Hillsboro courthouse. Meeker lets Cates in and out of his jail cell and jokes that Cates is a threat to the community.

Mrs. Brady -  Matthew Harrison Brady’s wife. Mrs. Brady monitors her husband and nags him not to overeat. Brady calls her “Mother.”

Melinda Loomis -  A twelve-year-old girl who believes in the Bible and fears the idea of evolution.

Howard Blair -  A young student in Cates’s science class. Howard grasps the idea of evolution in only a rudimentary way.

Mrs. Krebs -  An outspoken Hillsboro woman.

Mr. Bannister -  Jury member.  Bannister has read neither Darwin nor the Bible because he is illiterate.

Elijah -  A mountain man. The illiterate Elijah sells Bibles to the townspeople and preaches his beliefs.

Mayor - The mayor of Hillsboro, a politician through and through.

Tom Davenport -  The local district attorney. Davenport assists Brady during the trial.

Harry Y. Esterbrook -  A radio host from WGN in Chicago. .

Jesse H. Dunlap -  an enthusiastic supporter of Brady.

Sillers - A pragmatic townsperson who is selected for the jury.

Storekeeper -  More interested in his business than the business of the court.


by Lauren Gunderson

October 25- November 3, 2019

“The entire history and reality of this country is insane.  So the way I see it? The crazier your plan? The better.”

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Shrew, two political opposites end up in a strange hotel room with a beauty queen running the show. Beauty contestant Katherine has political aspirations to match her ambitions. All she needs to revolutionize the American government is the help of one conservative senator's aide, Patricia, on the cusp of a career breakthrough, and one liberal blogger, Bianca, who will do anything for her cause.  How will they go to defend themselves and their country?

THE TAMING Character Descriptions

Katherine - female-20-30s; from Georgia; Southern belle pageant winner; also plays George and Martha Washington 1787 and Dolly Madison; strong singing voice is a plus.

Bianca -.  female 20s-40s; from Georgia; liberal; also plays good-girl intern and Charles Pinckney 1787

Patricia –  female 20-40s; from Georgia; conservative who, one day, plans to be White House Chief or a Staff Supreme Court Justice; also plays James Madison 1787

*comic timing a plus; southern accents; strongly looking for diverse cast


By Lynn Nottage  

February 14 – March 1, 2020, Umstead Park United Church of Christ

Regional Premiere of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize-Winner

"Three generations of loyalty to the same company. This is America, right? You'd think that would mean something."  

This gritty, slice-of-life ensemble drama chronicles steel workers in the Rust Belt sharing a lifetime of drinks, secrets, laughter and friendship. After one of their own is promoted into management, a strike, layoffs, lockouts and picket lines eat away at their trust, leading to an “us vs. them” battle over NAFTA, income inequality, unions, race, and loyalty.

SWEAT Character Descriptions

Tracey - White American of German descent, 40's-50's. Jason’s mother. She is friends with Cynthia and Jessie, and is a long-time worker at Olstead’s factory. She becomes jealous when Cynthia receives a promotion at work.

Cynthia - African-American, 40's – 50's.  Chris’ mother. She is friends with Tracey and Jessie, and is also a long-time worker at Olstead’s factory. Her promotion causes tension among her friends.

Jessie - Italian-American, 40's.  A friend of Tracey and Cynthia, and a long-time worker at the factory.

Jason - White American of German descent, 20's to early 30's.  Tracey’s son, and Chris’ best friend. He was recently released from jail.

Chris - African-American, 20's to early 30's. The son of Cynthia and Brucie, and Jason’s best friend. He also spent time in jail.

Oscar - Columbian-American, 20's to early 30's.  Works at the bar, largely ignored by the other characters until he makes his presence known.

Evan - African-American, 40's.  A tough but compassionate parole officer.

Brucie - African-American, 40's. Cynthia’s estranged husband. He struggles with addiction after his union was locked out at the textile mill at which he worked. Cynthia has kicked him out of the house.

Stan - White American of German descent, 50's.  Currently manager of the bar, he previously worked at the same plant for 28 years, before he was injured on the job.