"A Dolls House" Auditions!

Tuesday, May 8th from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

Umstead Park United Church of Christ. 8208 Brownleigh Drive, Raleigh 27617.

EMAIL us for your reservation. thejusticetheaterproject@gmail.com

This show will be cast multi-culturally, and will include video, and live social media. In addition to the three weekends of performances, ALL actors must be able to perform during three daytime performances for schools on October 23 and 24

Out of town? Video submission accepted.

Bring a contemporary monologue, two copies of your acting resume and two copies of a photo we can keep.


Not your mom's doll's house....

The door slam heard round the world. A modern, multicultural, celebrity inspired, selfie-taking, instagram posting, live-tweeting version of one of the most celebrated classics of female-centric theatre with its then shocking, now progressive final moments.

Nora is a woman accustomed to men creating her life for her. As accusations about Torvald’s shady, personal dealings become the center of potential blackmail, Nora identifies (and articulates) how trapped she has felt her entire life, and leaves her husband and children. Unawares of what lies ahead but carrying a stronger sense of self into it.

Adapted by JaMeeka Holloway-Burrell, Jackson Cooper and members of The Justice Theater Project. The production will be partially video taped, and will include relevant modern cultural references.