Our mission is to use the performing arts to bring to the fore of public attention the needs of the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed.

Email us for a reservation for group auditions. 10 to a group. thejusticetheaterproject@gmail.com

Or call 919-264-7089

Wednesday, July 12 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm Singing and Monologues

Thursday, July 13 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm Singing and Monologues

Friday, July 14 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm DANCE auditions (Black Nativity, Oliver!, and might include other shows.)

Saturday, July 15 from 9:00 a.m. to Noon CALL BACKS only

Bring a 3 minute contemporary monologue, 16 bars of a song. We will have an accompanist. Do not bring a sound track. Sing a capella or with the accompanist.

 Limited video auditions accepted if you are out of town. 

The Justice Theater Project

2017-18 Season of Shows: What Will We Tell Our Children? 

October, 2017: A Soldier’s Play by Charles Fuller

December, 2017: Black Nativity by Langston Hughes

February, 2018: Two shows running simultaneously in two venues:

Bent by Martin Sherman

Pooled by Moses T. Alexander Greene

Music Direction by Carolyn Colquitt

From the playwright:

According to legend, the first person to step in the Pool of Bethesda after its waters are troubled is healed completely of any infirmity--physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Delsin Jacobs arrives to the Pool determined to be the next person to receive healing. But, in his waiting, he encounters others and discovers how difficult it may be to answer two questions: Do you want to be the only one healed now? If made whole, do you have what it takes not to become broken again?

Under the music direction of Carolyn Colquitt and with a score of  soul-cleansing  gospel, sultry r & b, and heart-wrenching blues, Moses T. Alexander Greene's Pooled is the story of how Delsin Jacobs' steadfastness for personal healing is changed by his interaction with those at the pool whose needs may be different, but they possess the same dauntless desire for healing.  Experience live on stage what those who have been pooled discover about Delsin, themselves, and their perspectives of agency, life and God in the midst of the waiting.


DELSIN      Mid 30's. Male. Slender. Handsome. Slightly muscular. Lame. Main storyteller

Possesses a presence that engenders courage and self-love of those gathered at/passing by The Pool. 

ALPHABET   Late 30s. Male.  Cognac brown to midnight black complexion. Blind. 

Suspended between his Casanova ways, impulsiveness, and balancing shame and anger against  Blackness +  maleness.

BEEN THERE? BEEN THERE.  Female. Early 30s. Organic. Could be refreshing.

Mentally stuck in a harvest of unfair seasons because of one poor decision.

*FREEDHER   A woman of any of age. Soulful. Her frame is strong. Unbridled femininity. Protector of woman and little girls. 

Must be able to sang.

*ALE KANNADAY   Late 40's/Early 50s.   Gorgeous. Naturally stunning. Blind to her self-worth and inner beauty. 

Outward attractiveness is camouflage for cruel realities of her journey to the Pool. She has been both blind and deaf; is regaining her sight.

(*Must be able to sing . Soprano)

OVEY   Early 50's. Female. Comedic. Full figured. Fresh breath.Has lost one thing too many in too short of a time: 

mother, brother she raised, career and divorce. Facing life with great reluctance.

MILDRED  60's   Quiet. Church-going. Country. Husband and family have been her sole devotion.

Disillusioned at how one could be that faithful to God and yet be hurt so deeply. 

RHUSIS MOIKALIS - Mid 40s. Courageous. Intelligent. Voluptuous. Flirtatious. Broken. Caribbean accent.

Family and childhood issues have driven her to meet her physical needs her way all the time.

ROSE 60's Spry. Spunky. Proud. Not saintly. Everybody's grandmother. Believes if she does right for others, the Lord will make a way. 

Delsin and Wood are her grandsons.Can rock an entire church and make any space sacred with one refrain of any song. 

THAIS  Late 20's/Mid 30's

Delicate and youthful-looking, but strong. 

Maimed by gender roles, societal norms, religion, and family values. 


Husky. Brash. He bears the weight of others' secrets. Late 40s/Early 50s.


WOOD   Late 40's/Early 50's

High-yellow. Muscular. Devilishly Handsome. Passionate. Masterful at sex and sensuality. Stuck in second gear of intimacy.

Paralyzed by loss. Brother of Delsin.


June, 2018: Oliver! Book, Music and Lyrics by Lionel Bart

  • NOTE: Black Nativity and Oliver! include multicultural singers, actors and dancers. 
  • We will post the cast lists on line as they are announced.